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Financial Consolidation and CPM

while covering the entire reporting cycle

We set up scheduled data transfer from your source systems or manually operated consolidation packages. Consolidation teams will enrich your accounting data with local and group manual adjustments.

Data processing and storage in DWH is mostly performed on a daily basis. Preconfiguration covers intercompany reconciliation, automation of most IFRS consolidation adjustments and the standard set of disclosures. Planning and forecasting is included.

Reports and visualizations can be easily created, maintained and shared by the customer's controlling team. Each user has precisely set roles and access rights to companies, reports and specific data. 

CTP Group

The largest full-service commercial real estate developer in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Local financial reporting (+350 reporting units, hundreds of users)
  • Intercompany Reconciliation
  • IFRS Financial Consolidation
  • Automation of all standard consolidation adjustments
  • Automation of acquisitions, disposals and restructurings (mergers, splits)
  • Extension to other management reporting and controlling dimensions: cost type, projects, budget code
  • More than 10 independent consolidation scopes
  • Disclosures
  • Other fields of reporting / DWH:
  • Budget Construction, OPEX, Overhead
  • Workflow monitor
  • Individual and consolidated ageing reports
  • Pipeline reporting
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the leased spaces
  • CRM
  • GL reconciliation
  • Comprehensive management of access roles and rights to modules, companies, reports and data 
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Fortuna Group

An expanding multinational lottery group (40+ reporting units)

  • Intercompany reconciliation
  • IFRS financial consolidation 
  • Environment for input of manual adjustments and manually processed consolidation packages 
  • Budgeting, forecasting, comparison of ACT, PY and BUD scenarios, waterfall bridge visualisation of deviations
  • On-line P&L, BS, CAPEX reports for all levels of consolidation / sub-consolidations
  • KPI visualization
  • Consolidated cash flow statement
  • Automatic publication of large sets of hardcopy reports by company / region
  • Comprehensive forecasting at BAU and SI level in the context of reporting dimensions
  • Integration of IFRS 16 adjustments
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Colt CZGroup

Leading manufacturer of firearms and tactical accessories

  • Integration of heterogeneous local ERP systems, including SAP S4 HANA, Infor, Epicor, Syteline, Premier
  • Multiple independent consolidation scopes including sub-consolidation of the Colt Group (USA, Canada)
  • Local presentation of 30+ reporting units
  • Automation of most common consolidation adjustments, including scope changes
  • Environment for posting manual adjustments
  • On-line P&L, BS reports for all levels of consolidation / sub-consolidation
  • Disclosures 
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POS Media Group

European leader in retail media

  • Data acquisition from SAP Business One
  • Local presentation of 10+ reporting units
  • Environment for posting local and group manual adjustments
  • Financial consolidation of an expanding multinational group covering automation of standard consolidation treatments
  • On-line P&L, BS reports
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BioVendor Group

Development of diagnostic instruments and laboratory automation technologies

  • Integration of heterogeneous local ERP systems, including, Money S3, Helios Green, Infor, BMD NTCS, Proluc, Sage, Pohoda
  • Local presentation of 15+ reporting units
  • Automation of financial consolidation of an expanding multinational group
  • Environment for posting manual adjustments
  • On-line P&L, BS reports
  • Disclosures
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Leading ETL tool provider on the global market

  • Integration of heterogeneous local ERP systems, including XERO, QuickBooks and Pohoda
  • Automation of financial reporting of an expanding multinational group (region EU + US)
  • Statutory consolidation according to the Czech Accounting Standards supporting the automation of standard consolidation adjustments
  • Local presentation of 4 reporting units
  • Normalising the recognition of accrued income
  • Environment for posting manual adjustments
  • On-line reports P&L, BS etc…
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Grant Thornton CZ

Czech branch of a global network of consulting firms

  • Integration of ERP systems Helios Orange and Single Case
  • Dozens of users across the orgchart
  • Advanced access rights and role management
  • Individual and group presentation of company performance and results
  • Reporting on profitability of contracts and teamleaders 
  • Individual and group ageing reports by partners and responsible managers
  • Budgeting & forecasting
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ACT Media Group

Audiovisual company, advertising & marketing

  • Data acquisition from SAP Business One
  • Automation of financial consolidation of an expanding multinational group
  • International consolidation covering automation of standard consolidation treatments
  • Environment for posting manual adjustments
  • On-line P&L, BS reports
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Welcome to the new standard of Corporate Performance Management

Always up to
date and online

We reduce the seasonal workload of consolidation teams and auditors. The system is ready to provide most outputs on an ongoing basis. On-line connection to source systems allows reconciliation and consolidation reports to be updated on a daily basis or on demand

Management controlling

All outputs can be enriched with management controlling and reporting dimensions such as cost center, project, budget code, etc. both at the level of local companies and consolidation

Budgeting a Forecasting

The application provides fully integrated planning and forecasting environment. If required, we can also intergrate third party planning tools

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Main components

Intercompany Reconciliation

  • Central monitoring and management of all intercompany relations
  • Local reporting units can monitor all their intercompany relations and counterparties on a daily basis
  • User friendly setup of IC reconciliation groups and individual thresholds for automated posting of reconciliation adjustments
  • Management dashboard for monitoring the reconciliation process and outstanding IC relations 

Financial consolidation

  • You do not need to maintain uniform master data at the local company level. Within the integrated Master Data Management module, the user can easily define an unambiguous mapping to group structures (at least for the Chart of Accounts (e.g. by IFRS code) and Partner dimension). 
  • The presentation is based on processed GL transactions
  • Manual consolidation adjustments at the local and group level are mostly posted through integrated web forms or imported from XLS
  • The system supports the definition of multiple independent consolidation scopes (defined by a list of reporting units valid from/to) for various statutory and managerial purposes


  • Preconfiguration supports all standard movement and closing balance disclosures (based on analysis of report rows or accounts in context of movement type or closing balance decomposition) with the possibility of flexible user definition/modification:
  • PPE
  • Investment property
  • Derivatives
  • Shares
  • IC loans / movement schedule

Key features

  • Advanced corporate performance management system.
  • Preconfiguration supports automation of most common consolidation adjustments and processes.
  • Presentation to end users take place through web a browser in the form of reports, native charts, dashboards or customized visualizations.
  • Definition and distribution of reports and dashboards is handled by the customer's controlling team.
  • The solution covers financial planning and forecasting.
  • The system can be easily extended and used for specific local controlling and reporting needs.
  • Based on specific customer requirements we can setup an automation of custom made consolidation adjustments or business rules (allocations etc.).
  • We support language localization both on the application and reports level.
  • There is no need to synchronize the key master data on a local reporting unit level (chart of accounts and partner dimension).
  • Successful implementation presumes that the customer meets standard data quality requirements.
  • We provide the solutions to our customers in the form of cloud service DWHaaS.
  • For most local companies, automatic data acquisition is set up with regular updates or on demand.
  • Data of the required reporting units can be also uploaded temporarily or permanently in batch or via on-line or off-line forms (upload packs).
  • The solution completely covers the entire reporting cycle from data collection through processing, storage in DWH and presentation to end users.
  • The application also covers master data management / MDM (for managing and maintaining master data, business rules and specific tasks requiring application logic).
  • The application is open, with the possibility of further development, including data acquisition, ETL process, reports definition and administration.
  • A key prerequisite for successful implementation is an access to source systems (DB / API) and partial cooperation in setting up data acquisition.
  • Advanced access rights management over module, company, report and data level
  • User authentication is based on username and password. The application supports both SSO and OTP, 2FA and synchronization with AD 
  • Administration provides monitoring and detailed log of the whole data processing with the possibility of setting various forms of notifications
  • Upon agreement, we can provide information on IT security, helpdesk operation, application development management and Deloitte's declaration of the IT security assessment

We provide high value-added services and solutions together with partners

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